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Apr 20
Long Term Work with Berlinlasers Blue Line Laser Module-http://www.berlinlasers.com/...ue-line-laser-module
Whenever users are looking for a continuous line measuring solution, it is no longer workable for users to still use a very simple line drawing tool from square meter, or blocking board. On condition that the internal part of laser line generator is equipped with glass coated lens, within its wide laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, it is getting different laser beam fan angle and generating different line length in distance. Users can make very simple selection of output power and laser lens degree, this easily operating blue laser module just gets a none mistake line measurement all the time.
According to very easy connection with DC input power supply, blue line laser module can easily achieve continuous line aligning result in distance. In continuous line aligning work, this laser line alignment tool gets super nice thermal conductivity, and good protection from strong interference, and statistic etc, keeping stable enough line targeting within quite wide environmental temperature. Users should only be cautious enough with powerful blue laser radiation and laser reflection, this high power blue laser module gets ideal line aligning result easily.

Mar 27
Good Work with Berlinlasers 515nm Green Crosshair Laser Module -http://www.berlinlasers.com/...ss-line-laser-module
Anytime you are looking for the most efficient cross line alignment solution, you might never miss the chance to have a try of high brightness 515nm green crosshair laser module. This is a direct diode emission cross laser alignment tool, getting highly bright forest green laser beam directly from its 515nm green laser diode, which is keeping highly stable and reliable green cross line laser source for high tech, scientific research, textile garment processing and military targeting works etc.
Sep 19 '16
http://www.berlinlasers.com/...ue-line-laser-module -Berlinlasers Blue Line Laser Module with High Power
The production work of blue line laser module always begins with high power range 445nm blue laser diode within 50mW to 100mW, thus the real laser line alignment is also workable for all high lighting and long distance line measurement works efficiently. The clear laser line targeting gets perfect support from APC electric driving circuit, under 8 hours continuous line laser alignment work, this blue laser module just makes sure of high stability blue laser line positioning efficiently.
Jul 26 '16
http://www.berlinlasers.com/...ting-laser-alignment -High Stability Berlinlasers Infrared Dot Laser Alignment
The manufacture work of infrared dot laser alignment is mainly focusing on its environmental stabilization. It gets the employment of import 808nm infrared laser diode with copper raw material as its core part, which cannot only assure its superior thermal emitting, but also keeping constant infrared laser dot alignment efficiently. This infrared laser module is great dot measuring tool workable for military targeting, surveillance, laser medical treatment device etc.


  • Nice Aligning of Berlinlasers Green Dot Laser Alignment
    According to very easy connection with external electric power source of DC input power supply, Berlinlasers green dot laser alignment keeps continuous green reference dot targeting on all targeting surfaces effectively. Owing to its wide range output power from 5mW to 100mW, unless direct laser dot targeting under sunlight, a correct output power made green laser module keeps the clearest dot instruction on all targeting surfaces all the time.
    May 21
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  • Great Job with Berlinlasers Green Line Laser Module
    When you are looking for a high speed and easy operating line alignment tool, it is just a very nice work for users to make good use of high brightness Berlinlasers green line laser module. Only after its easy connection with external DC input power supply, supported by 3V or 4.2V operating voltage, it is just able to support its maximum output power of 100mW, keeping the brightest green laser line targeting all the time. Users should only make proper adjustment of laser line targeting direction and
    May 18
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  • Good Performance Berlinlasers Blue Dot Laser Alignment
    It is the easiest job for users to get clear enough dot measurement at quite long work distance with the assistance of Berlin lasers blue dot laser alignment. After its simple connection with 4.2V DC input power supply, it can easily obtain continuous blue laser dot targeting at quite long distance. This blue laser module gets the best cooling system and APC driving circuit design, making sure of the most reliable blue laser dot targeting within 8 to 10 hours continuously.
    May 12
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  • Berlinlasers Pro Red Line Laser Alignment Review
    It is just the easiest job for users to get clear line positioning with the assistance of Berlinlasers pro red line laser alignment. After its very simple connection with electric power source of DC input power supply, which is just support this 635nm red laser module with the wide range output power from 5mW to 100mW, making sure of the clearest red laser line targeting with different work distance, and working occasion. Users can install this laser line generator on device or machine, getting quick a
    May 8
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  • Long Term use of Berlinlasers Infrared Laser Diode Module
    When dot alignment is processed under night vision work fields, it might be a super nice choice for users to have a try of Berlinlasers infrared laser diode module. It is getting quite long wavelength of 808nm, while it should be workable together with night vision device, getting clear IR laser dot targeting for military targeting, monitoring system, laser medical treatment. Within its wide output power range of 5mW to 400mw, this infrared laser module gets quite long distance IR laser dot ta
    May 3
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  • Super Nice Work with Berlinlasers Green Line Laser Alignment
    When users are looking for a quick and straight line instruction in distance, users should never miss the chance to use berlinlasers green line laser alignment. It is getting the best quality green line with high linear quality from its qualified glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, getting wide line length from 0.5 meter to 6 meters in distance. Users can install this green laser module on laser cutting machine, textile garment processing device or other device, getting the clearest
    Apr 27
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  • Clear Positioning from Berlinlasers Green Laser Line Generator
    Whenever you are making the selection of Berlinlasers green laser line generator, according to its equipment of high quality glass coated lens or separate crystal lens, within wide laser lens degree of 10 to 110 degree, this green laser module is easily getting high linear quality green laser line with different laser line length in distance. According to correct selection of output power and laser lens degree, this green laser module is just an ideal line alignment solution for all indus
    Apr 24
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  • Good Performance Berlinlasers Green Laser Line Generator - http://www.berlinlasers.com/...laser-line-generator
    When you are looking for quite rapid and accurate line alignment solution, it is just a quite nice line aligning solution for all industrial machinery processing works. Within its wide output power range of 5mW to 50mW, green laser line is available with different brightness and laser beam visibility, only if
    Apr 14
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  • Easy Job from Berlinlasers Blue Cross Laser Alignment - http://www.berlinlasers.com/blue-cross-laser-alignment
    Whenever users are getting correct selection of cross measuring tool of berlinlasers blue cross laser alignment, it is not only workable for quite long work distance cross line source targeting, but also keeping high accuracy two perpendicular blue lines positioning on all desired working surfaces effectively. Users only ne
    Apr 11
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  • Berlinlasers Red Dot Laser Alignment with Low Cost - http://www.berlinlasers.com/...ting-laser-alignment
    When you are looking for a quite efficient dot alignment solution, you should just have a try of berlinlasers red dot laser alignment. Owing to its perfect use of 650nm red laser diode with mass production and quite mature laser tech, this red laser module is just able to get highly stable and reliable red laser d
    Apr 9
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