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    Jun 23
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  • Today WiFi and Bluetooth bands ,both 2.4GHz frequency range,are widely used in our house.Despite their usefulness for us,they can be used for indoor tracking ,which means someone can know your location indoors through the hotspot location triangulation,similar to the cell phone tracking.In addition,another threat you should know is the wireless internet usage. The hackers can gain your confidential informations using the WiFi,which violate your privacy rights.To protect your privacy the WiFi jammer in the category can help you. Jun 12
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    As the GPS,Global Positioning System, develop more and more perfect,now it is widely used in our life.It is convenient for us,but meanwhile,it poses a threat to our privacy because people can use the GPS to track you easily. And we all know that the modern smartphones all have embedded GPS module which can provide your geolocation data.To protect your privacy,the
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  • May 22
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  • UHF VHF Jammer,Low Frequencies Blocker for Talkies,Monitors http://www.jammer-buy.com/uhf-vhf-jammer/c-30.html
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  • http://www.jammer-buy.com/spy-camer-jammer/c-33.html The hidden camera today can be in any buildings since the tiny spy cameras are very easy to get.And it's very hard to find out where they are because they can be hiden in the eyes or buttons of the doll,under the lamp shape, inside the AC outlet and any other places that you cannot imagine.Here the spy camera jammer in the category is the most easy and best solution to solve with the probl
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